The Upside to The OnePlus Nord 2

One of the latest smartphones from the Chinese manufacturer, Oppos, is the OnePlus Nox 2. The device is already making waves because of its unique set of features that it boasts of. In fact, many users have already commented that they are impressed with how quick the device is and how well it functions. But did you know that you can also buy your own OnePlus Nox 2 online for low prices? Read on to learn how.

One of the best things about the Onephones oneplus nord 2 brand is its low price tag. In fact, the OnePlus Nord 2 is among the best smartphones in this particular segment of the smartphone market. It comes with some impressive specs which include a 50MP front and rear camera, a 6.413-inch screen with a refresh rate of 90 Hz, a dual-core processor, a memory card slot and an expandable storage capacity of up to two-zbuffered pages. In terms of software support, the smartphone also comes with plenty. It includes a VIA manifest apps suite along with android ecosystem software such as:

One of the unique selling points of this smartphone is its large battery life. The device has a large battery which offers an average of two hours of talk time before it needs to be recharged. Another unique feature of this smartphone is that it supports Dual Battery technology. With this feature, you can charge the phone via the USB port and the same time use it to power up the PC as well as your USB device. This makes the Oneplay a great all around mobile phone.

The connectivity options that come standard on the Oneplay also make it a worthwhile device. The smartphone comes standard with USB 2.0, HSDPA, GSM modem and HSDPA/GPRS modem. There are also standard earphones with digital music player and radio which are also provided by the manufacturer. The standard earphones are provided with a thin silicone band which makes them comfortable to wear. Apart from this, there is also a USB cable that can be used for charging the battery.

The standard cameras on these smartphones are the 12 mega pixels resolution on the back and the 5 mega pixels resolution on the front. Both of these cameras are however very impressive. One interesting feature on the OnePlus Nord 2 smartphone is that it comes with a low-light mode. This low-light mode allows the person using the phone to take pictures in low light conditions up to about five meters.

The new flagship smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer might not be the best selling phones in the country right now but it does offer a lot of value for money. It offers standard features like a metal body, good looks, an intuitive interface and a large screen. It is also worth mentioning that the Oxygen software that has been preinstalled onto the handset offers a number of features like airplane mode, face recognition, gesture control and color boost. The only thing that this manufacturer cannot claim to do differently than other leading brands is that it offers a fully functional voice dialing feature.