In 2018, “the Invisible Man,” Another Installment in the Dark Universe, Will Be Made Available

Universal’s Dark Universe has become much more cohesive over the course of the past eight months or so. It was previously an abstract idea of a connected cinematic world centered on well-known monsters, but today it is a concrete sketch of a number of dark and adventurous films, the first of which, “The Mummy,” was released in the spring of this past year. The movie “The Mummy” was met with a variety of reactions from critics, but it did kick off a project that will last for a number of years, and depending on how well it does, it might go on for much longer. According to the information provided on its page on Rotten Tomatoes, the future movie will be titled “The Invisible Man,” and it will hit theaters in April of 2018.

The question now is, who or what exactly is “The Invisible Man,” and why should we be worried about him?

The science fiction and horror book that we now know as “The Invisible Man” was first released by H.G. Wells in 1897. Although “The Time Machine,” another of Wells’ stories, is frequently featured on lists of the best science fiction novels, “The Invisible Man” has been influential for well over a century. It tells the story of Griffin, a troubled young scientist who utilizes a chemical procedure to render himself invisible and ends up terrorizing a community that he believes has wronged him. The narrative is depicted in the film. It’s a horrible story, and in some ways it’s startlingly current — it’s akin to something we could see in a vignette presenting a villain’s past in a superhero movie. It’s a story that’s similar to what we could see in a superhero movie.

In spite of this, there are a surprisingly limited number of contemporary adaptations available. 1933 saw the release of the most recent significant motion picture adaptation of “The Invisible Man.” It is probably safe to assume that the vast majority of the people who will be attending the 2018 version have never actually seen it. A video game that is based on the story and is displayed on a page with slot reels is the only other thing that comes close to being a modern adaptation of the story. It is a clever, animated twist on the classic narrative, with the primary plot point being the disappearance of an arcade but also includes a variety of interesting characters and symbols that are quite little. However, you should not expect a cinematic experience from this.

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In this way, most viewers will go into “The Invisible Man” with no prior knowledge of the subject matter, which immediately differentiates it from “The Mummy.” The film “The Mummy” was a remake of the Brendan Fraser movie that came out in the late 1990s. The original movie, while entertaining, was completely ludicrous. As a consequence of this, it was a touch over the top and difficult to believe, even when seen as a work of fiction. On the other hand, the director of “The Invisible Man,” whose name has not yet been revealed, will almost definitely have a little bit more creative latitude.

This may increase the likelihood that the project will be successful. It’s possible that it will be a late starter for Universal’s Dark Universe, much as how “Wonder Woman” managed to give DC’s superhero universe a new lease on life after a succession of underwhelming efforts, but who knows? Ed Solomon, who is best known for writing the screenplays for the films “Charlie’s Angels” and “Now You See Me,” will be in charge of the script, and as we revealed a year ago, Johnny Depp will play the lead role.

Although we shouldn’t get our hopes up, it does look like there might be some potential in this. Also check out UK’s best bingo sites.