Fall Protection

Anchor Place – A protected level of attachment for lifelines, lanyards, or deceleration units. An anchorage has to be effective at supporting a bare minimum lifeless bodyweight of 5 thousand (5,000) lbs (2,268 kilograms) for each person hooked up to it. An anchor level is usually a beam, girder, column, or flooring.

Proficient Man or woman – Any Supervisor who has been properly trained to inspect fall-arresting tools including horizontal and vertical lifelines.

Lanyard – A rope (nylon or metal cable) suited to supporting 1 particular person.

Lifeline – A vertically suspended rope with a single finish attached to your stationary object (for instance a structural member), able to supporting no less than five thousand (5000) kilos (two,268 kilograms) of dead body weight and another close attached to your lanyard or protection harness.

Certified Inspector – Any professional craftsperson or Supervisor that has shown to Job/Internet site Management his or her skill and competency to inspect devices.

Retractable Lifeline – A drop-arrest safety harness device which allows cost-free vacation, with out slack rope, but locks instantaneously whenever a slide starts. Retractable lifelines might be used, but horizontal motion have to be restricted.

Rope Grabs (Drop-Arrester) – Automatic lifeline products that act by inertia (resistance to motion) to grab the lifeline if a drop happens. Rope grabs are applied when vertical motion is necessary, for example get the job done from boatswain chairs or suspended scaffolds.

Protection Harness – A safety harness is definitely an accredited design and style of straps which may be secured about the employee’s human body in a very manner to distribute the autumn-arrest forces more than at the very least the thighs, pelvis, waist, upper body, and shoulders, with a method for attaching it to other parts of a private slide-arrest system.

Static Line or Catenary Line – A cable or rope strung horizontally and/or vertically from 1 substantial item to a different, giving a method of touring in between Individuals two objects while retaining slide defense between These objects.

Structural/Considerable Object – Any item to which a lifeline or lanyard could possibly be connected which will help five thousand (5000) lbs . (2,268 kilograms) of lifeless body weight.